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Core Drills - Concrete & Masonry

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One Source has electric core drill for rent or sale from Hilti, Husqvarna, and Target. They are capable of coring 1" up to 14" diameter holes through walls and floors made of concrete, brick, block, asphalt, and stone. Typically the diamond core bits are used with water, but dry core bits are available in the smaller sizes.

Husqvarna DM220 for Rent or Sale
Husqvarna DM 220

Handheld Core Drill

These Husqvarna handheld electric core drilling machines are designed for use with dry and wet core drill bits. Both drills have 3 speeds and use Elgard overload protection to warn the user of potential overload. The DM 220 has an LED level guidance system to show vertical, horizontal, or angled positions.

We offer parts, and service, for customer machines.

Rentals Sales PartsService

Make Model Voltage Amps RPM Max Recommended
Weight Specification
Husqvarna DM 220 115 13 580/1400/2900 3" Handheld 16.5 lbs Download
Husqvarna DM 225 115 15 580/1400/2900 3" Handheld 12.0 lbs Download


HIlti DD200 Core Drill
HIlti DD200

Core Drilling Rig

These core drilling rigs are designed for coring larger holes in floors and walls than the handheld units. On smooth floors the vacuum attachment can be used to secure the stand/base. For rough floors and walls, anchors are used to secure the stand/base.

Husqvarna Core Drill Rig Catalog 34.3MB

We offer parts, and service, for customer machines.

Rentals Sales PartsService

Make Model Amps Motor RPM Weight Specification
Husqvarna DMS 280 20 Husqvarna Variable 86 lbs Download
Target Swivel 20 Dewalt 300-900 168 lbs -
Hilti DD 200 22.5 Hilti 200-816 140 lbs -
Husqvarna 2512 20 Milwaukee 30-600 120 lbs -
*Core Drill Bits from 1" to 14" available for rent or sale


Husqvarna Core Bits
Husqvarna Core Bits

Diamond Core Drill Bits

We offer diamond tipped core drill bits from Husqvarna and Archer Products for sale. There are various diamond core bits specifically designed for coring into concrete, brick, block, asphalt, and natural stone. Typical coring depth is 14", but extensions are available to go deeper.

Husqvarna Core Drill Bit Catalog 33.7MB

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